Need a hand perfecting your new site?

If you’re new to WordPress or you just want to know that your site is going be ‘done right’ we can help you.

We offer some simple and very affordable packages to help you get the most out of StyleCloud. We’ll work together to plan how you can get the most out of your VIP session whether that’s design, migration or training.

Looking for a fully custom site or rebuild? Meet our design partners…

Our VIP sessions are a blend of design and training to build your confidence.

We’ve reinvented how to build websites, so we thought it was high time we introduced a new way of working with a website designer too.

Our mission is to help you create a stunning website that truly represents you and your brand (that’s a given). But what we’re really passionate about is giving you the confidence to manage, edit and grow your own website yourself.

That’s where we come in. Using StyleCloud and our Starter Themes, we’ll help you build your website but we’ll also show you how to use it and then be there to offer you unlimited, patient support and as much training as you need. 

Plus, you get to launch your shiny new website in a matter of days rather than months.

This is for you if…

You’re not ready to invest in a completely custom website build

You want a WordPress expert to audit your current site and help you ‘clean up’ and remove anything you no longer need

You need a helping hand to get your website set up just the way you want it

You want someone with a great eye for design to polish up your site and make sure it looks good on all devices

You don’t have to do this alone.

How do VIP SESSIONS work?

You can use a VIP session to to get your website set up for design success, or you can invite us in towards the end of your redesign to help you polish tidy and polish up your finished site and get it live.
Here are some ways you can use a VIP design session.


Set Up & Style


This session is perfect for you if you want an expert to help you get the set up and structure of your new site right, so you can then add your images and copy with confidence.

  • We’ll help you set up your staging site and audit your WordPress install to see if there is anything you don’t need any more.
  • We’ll work together during a live design session to set up your pages, fonts & colours, either using a starter theme, StyleCloud or a blend of both
  • We can focus on perfecting a smaller number of pages in greater detail or help you mix and match more pages but with less styling. You decide where to focus.
  • We’ll train you to use Kadence and the StyleCloud system to confidently complete your website
  • No tidying up or revisions once you’ve built your site
  • No migration-to-live support

Tidy Up & Press Go


This session is perfect for you if you want us pop in to tidy everything up, test responsiveness and help get your site live.

  • We’ll go through your nearly-ready site together and make a plan of action to take it to the next level.
  • We can focus on improving key pages or go through the whole site to make small adjustments and check that the site works well on all devices.
  • We’ll see if there are redundant plugins that you can remove and make recommendations for security, backup and SEO plugins.
  • We’ll take your site live together, help protect your SEO and resubmit to Google.

Home Page Magic


This session is perfect for you if you want to make sure that your site creates a killer first impression.

  • We’ll create a plan / wireframe on paper and set up your colours, fonts and design elements
  • We can start with a StyleCloud layout or mix and match sections to create your perfect home page
  • We’ll spent time fine-tuning the page design to make it feel ‘like you’ and then make sure it’s pixel-perfect on all devices
  • We’ll save key sections as reusable patterns for you to use throughout your site
  • We’ll train you to use Kadence and the StyleCloud system to confidently complete your website

General Training


This session is perfect for you if you want a get know Kadence like a professional web designer.

We’ll walk you best practice when it comes to setting up a site, how to customise a theme or build from scratch, plus our tips and tricks for creating stand out sites.

  • Learn Kadence Free & Pro
  • Set up your site together and understand the Customizer and site setting in detail
  • Challenge us to recreate a section or look you’ve seen and we’ll work through it together.


$615 per session


You can book single or multiple sessions. If you’re not sure how many sessions you’ll need, not problem. We’ll have a chat first and you can add further sessions as required.


Got Some Questions?

We have a fabulous team of designers here at StyleCloud, who are experienced web designers, know our themes and layouts really well and who are fun to work with.

The VIP design session takes 2-3 hours live over Zoom. Further design tasks might take place after your call.

If you’ve booked set up and launch, we’ll be ready to dive back in when you’re finished and we’ll agree a date for final checks and go live. Exciting!

Yes we do. We’re happy to discuss your current and future needs and add-on additional sessions.

Some of our design team offer this services as part of their own freelance businesses and we’ll be happy to recommend someone.

We work with our design partners, Evosites, for custom website builds. You can contact them at

If you’re broadly happy with your current website, then this probably isn’t for you. If you just want to tweak it and you’re already using WordPress, then you might prefer to use our StyleCloud product to add some extra layouts and sections to your existing site.

Firstly, our layouts are full of copy prompts so you might find it really easy to follow along and complete your copy using those prompts. 

But if you really want help, then we have a way with words!

We want it to be affordable, so we offer a package that focuses on your three key pages – home page, about page and your ‘experience’ or sales page.

We start with’emotion-based’ research to create a juicy bank of words to play with, which come straight from the lips of your ideal client.

We then ask you to share your thoughts using one of our carefully structured copy templates and then we turn your bullet points into expressive copy, designed to squarely connect with your ideal audience.

Interested? Just book a call.

Absolutely. We mean it when we say that we offer unlimited, patient support. 

We have a support ticket system where you can get in touch. 

You can also book us in for further training and development when you need it. 


I’m Melissa & I’m passionate about helping small business owners access affordable website design.

As soon as I started building websites, I realised that most people don’t need the equivalent of a Rolls Royce. They simply need better, affordable design as a foundation for their website.

That’s why I created StyleCloud. It’s the Ikea of website templates and now with an affordable done-with-you option, which successful but budget-conscious business owners really need. 

No more asking a web designer for every little change. No more being scared to push the update button.

We’re your website phone-a-friends and we’ve got you.