The ultimate WordPress solution for creative businesses.

Use a starter theme or drop stylish layouts and sections into your Kadence website, which magically adapt to your colours and fonts.

We’re changing the way you build your website.

You’re tired of wrangling a WordPress theme to fit around your your content and never quite achieving the look & feel you want. But, you also don’t want to start with a blank page…

Our collection of Kadence themes, layouts and sections gives you the design freedom you’ve been looking for. If you don’t want to be limited by a single theme, or spend hours unpicking a website template, this is for you.

StyleCloud gives you access to stunning starter themes, 80+ page templates and 170+ versatile and beautifully-neutral sections so that you can mix and match your website to perfection.

Even better, our Kadence layouts and sections are stored in the Cloud, waiting for you to pull down only what you need, when you need it. No more leftover template pages you’re keeping ‘just in case’. No more clutter slowing down your site.

Whether you need to put together a custom site and want a solid, elegant foundation, or you need to spin up a sales page fast, you’ll love the freedom that StyleCloud gives you.

Stunning Starter Themes included

Need a head start? Our annual plan gives you access to 12 starter themes.

How does it work?

Buy your own hosting & install WordPress

Already a WordPress user? Sweet.
If you’re coming from another platform, we can guide you through buying hosting. WordPress is free to install and most hosting companies make it easy to launch WordPress in just one click.

Install the free Kadence theme & blocks plugin

Kadence is a free WordPress theme and a free WordPress plugin that gives WordPress superpowers. We’ve chosen Kadence as our base because we believe that it’s the fastest and lightest framework around.

Connect to StyleCloud & start building

StyleCloud is a collection of pixel-perfect, neutral themes, page layouts and sections. Connect to our Cloud and pull down only the layouts you need. As you build, your new content will magically take on your fonts & colors.

Need help migrating from another theme?

We know that having to rebuild your website can be stressful. That’s why we offer a special VIP onboarding process.

We personally help every single new annual subscriber to set up a staging site where you can rebuild your site behind the scenes. And we show you how to migrate your existing content and preserve your SEO.

  • Help setting up your staging site on your hosting or on ours
  • 1-2-1 training call with a personal tech mentor to show you how to use all of our resources
  • Exclusive Flothemes Migrator Plugin to unlock your content
  • Extensive bitesize training videos
  • Migration checklist
  • Absolutely outstanding, unlimited support from our friendly team

Every handmade block & theme works with the free version of KADENCE

9 stunning starter themes

To give you a solid design foundation.

100+ layouts and 200+ sections

Carefully designed to work perfectly with each other and filled with helpful, professionally-written copy prompts.


Make changes visually without needing to know a line of code. Every layout and block is handcrafted to look great on all devices.


Pull down ONLY the sections you want, when you need them, keeping your site fast and tidy.

built for speed and seo

Kadence is one of the fastest WordPress solutions available. All of our templates are built with SEO in mind. You’ll find correctly structured layouts with heading tags ready to go.

Is StyleCloud for me?

Wrangling with your website is hard. Even if you’re a professional web designer.

Although creating original design is important, the building blocks and structure of a website page are pretty much always the same – if you want to create pages that actually convert and win clients that is.

We decided that it was time to stop reinventing the wheel on every build and instead create a library of beautiful, neutral layouts and sections that we can drop into our client sites to act as the solid foundation every website needs.

AND we didn’t want to have to re-style them (because that’s extra work).

What we REALLY wanted, was an entire library of gorgeous layouts and sections that automatically take on your fonts and colours, without you doing a thing! And we wanted to be able to simply connect to the Cloud and grab what we needed on the fly without messy uploads and downloads and libraries stuffed with layouts we can’t keep track of.

So that’s what we’ve built, using the free Kadence Blocks plugin, which pairs perfectly with both the free and pro versions of Kadence theme.


You edit or manage your own website and want to do it easily

  • You often want to add new pages or sections but don’t want to ‘mess up the design’
  • You don’t feel confident designing whole pages or sections and you don’t know how to make them look great on mobile
  • You wish you could drop in a page or section and have it magically take on your fonts and colours
  • You wish your blog posts looked as stylish as the rest of your pages instead of a long jumble of text and images

You’re a Kadence website designer who wants to build faster

  • You keep building the same pages and sections for clients from scratch and it’s frustratingly repetitive. But ya’ know it’s custom, so what can you do?
  • You want a stylish, flexible framework that you can easily re-style and add your own magic design touches to
  • You’ve bought themes and layouts and you can’t keep track of what you’ve got or what works
  • You’re sick of stripping out styling when you re-use previous layouts or themes

I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. It’s ridiculously good. I can’ t believe I’ve re-built my site in just TWO DAYS.



Subscribe or buy a theme

If you’ve previously used just a single theme, we understand that you might want to stick with that and just buy one of our themes. No problem – they can all be bought individually.

But we think you’d be really missing out if you don’t subscribe to StyleCloud. Here’s how it breaks down.


USD $229


  • Kadence Theme of your choice – install on one site
  • Unlimited patient support
  • No cloud access included



$169 per year


  • 9 Kadence StyleCloud Themes
  • Access to StyleCloud with 100 page layouts and 200 sections
  • 9 Customizer Kits to switch up your look
  • Free Kadence Contact Form saver plugin
  • Free Flothemes Migrator plugin
  • New layouts every time we release a new theme (at least 4 themes per year)
  • Use on client sites
  • Connect to one site at a time (upgrades available)
  • Temporary site & migration support
  • Personal 1-2-1 training call


USD $25


  • Access to StyleCloud with 100 page layouts and 200 sections
  • 9 Customizer Kits to switch up your look
  • New layouts every time we release a new theme (at least 4 themes per year)
  • Use on client sites
  • Connect to one site at a time (upgrades available)
  • Unlimited patient support
  • No themes included

Need help building your site?

We can help you with a complete rebuild or drop in to give your site a makeover before you launch.

You can hire us for a VIP Design Session or we can connect you with our design team for a completely custom build. Take a look at our showcase…


Yes, absolutely. All you need is the free Kadence Blocks plugin which is lightweight and won’t slow down your website. It pairs best with the free Kadence theme to use as a base.

You can also invest in the Pro version of Kadence to unlock extra blocks and settings, like WooCommerce.

You will need WordPress hosting for your website but there are no additional costs on top of StyleCloud.

Everything you see in StyleCloud works with the free Kadence theme & blocks plugin.

You can also invest in the Pro version of Kadence to unlock extra blocks and settings, like WooCommerce.

StyleCloud runs on the free Kadence system which means it’s infinitely customisable. You can change absolutely everything you see, from colours to custom fonts.

You can easily change the aspect ratio of any image, and wherever you see. an image, you can exchange it for a video.

You can use our layouts and blocks or build your own from scratch.

If you stop subscribing, your website is not connected in any way. Once you’ve installed our themes or layouts from the Cloud, they are yours forever. You simply lose access to installing more.
And there is no need to worry about updates either.
Our themes and layouts are built entirely with Kadence blocks, as long as your Kadence theme and plugin is up to date, then that’s all you need.

Very much so. StyleCloud runs on the free Kadence theme & plugin. It’s a block-based system so it simply extends the functionality if the native WordPress block builder.

Unlike page builders, there is no extra layer to slow things down. Hence, Kadence has a reputation for being exceptionally lightweight and speedy. It also works perfectly with any SEO plugin.

Some people love themes because they tend to include more style features. But other people prefer a blank canvas, but with structure. That’s exactly what StyleCloud is. A beautiful foundation waiting to be dressed up with your design elements.

Of course, if you prefer to start with a theme, we’ve got your covered with our stunning starter themes.

We offer 3 subscription levels.
Personal – 1 connection
Plus – 5 connections
Pro – 15 connections

You can add and remove keys from your websites to stay within your license limit. Disconnecting from one site and connecting to another takes just seconds.

View our agency pricing here.

You can also use StyleCloud on client sites to speed up your workflow!

You can’t save your own blocks to OUR cloud but you can easily save your blocks and layouts into the WordPress Patterns area. This is a native feature of WordPress and we’ll show you how to use it.

Or you can purchase your own Kadence Cloud for $69 per year if you want to build up a collection to use across many sites.

Every time we release a new theme (4 times per year), we’ll add every page layout to the cloud and break it down into sections. We’ll also be adding some blocks & layouts for WooCommerce as well as more blog post layouts, so expect some new arrivals in your cloud soon.



We’re passionate about making great design affordable for photographers. We’re on a mission to give you the tools and support you need to manage, update and add to your own website with confidence.

We’re a friendly, experienced team – from tech wizards to copywriters – so you know that there will always be someone on hand to offer unlimited, patient support.

Once you join StyleCloud as a customer, you join a friendly community of like-minded creaetives. We can’t wait to meet you.

$169 per year


Subscribe now, complete our onboarding form and meet your new website best friends.