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We appreciate you trusting us with your website and we are very much open to your feedback and suggestions.

We offer unlimited, patient support and we want you to love your StyleCloud.
Below you’ll find our essential videos but we also have a Quick Start area which we recommend exploring first.

New to Kadence or WordPress?

We highly recommend accessing our free training area, where we can help you decide how to tackle your redesign to preserve your content and SEO and learn the basics of WordPress and Kadence.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to the StyleCloud Dashboard at https://stylecloud.co/my-account

2. Click on License Manage

3. Click on the License you wish to manage

4. Copy your License Key

You can create additional keys in the Key Generator area.

You can install StyleCloud on as many sites as you like, including client sites. If you are working with a team, you may wish to create additional keys for your team members, which you can delete should the need arise.

Note: you may not sell standalone access to StyleCloud as part of a web design package or maintenance plan.

1. To connect to StyleCloud, open up any WordPress page or post and click on the Design Library button at the top of the page.

2. Enter the StyleCloud Connection URL.
It’s always: https://kadence.stylecloud.co

3. And then enter your License Key.

4. Your StyleCloud Collection will drop in and you can begin using it immediately.

Using StyleCloud

We know that choosing typography and colour palettes sometimes takes up just as much time as actually building your website – let alone fiddling around with the font sizes, line heights, menu and button styles. We’ve got you!

Simply download one of our Customizer StyleKits, import it into your Customizer area and you’ve got an instant site makeover.

  1. Find your StyleKits in your My Account area.
  2. Download your StyleKit and unzip it.
  3. Install the free Kadence Starter Templates plugin
  4. Import the .dat file into your Customizer

Sometimes we all need a head start. Install your StyleCloud theme and make site-wide changes in the Customizer.

Download one of our starter themes, import it into your Appearance > Themes area and then follow the instructions in the video below.

Submit A Ticket

Should I submit a ticket?

We are here to help you use your StyleCloud but for any issues relating to general usage of Kadence, it’s better to go straight to the experts and contact them directly. They offer good support and excellent documentation.

If you have a general hosting or WordPress issue, then do contact your host first to see if they can resolve the problem.

Please include a link to your site and, if you think we will need them, your WordPress login details. Your details are only viewed by our support team and stored in our secure support ticket area.

We aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, although our response time is usually much faster.

In order to protect any data you share with us, such as website details and passwords, our support ticket system is powered securely by Crisp. You can read about their privacy policy here.